Saturday, January 2, 2010


Haven't seen the movie yet, but...

looking at the movie trailers,

pictures of the "house" used, and friends reviews...

I think I'll like it. Plus I just love Meryl Streep !

Hugs from Maine


trish said...

Heard it was hysterical!
Kinda surprised it was rated R though.
Let us know if you liked it or now.
:o) Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Saw it last night, posted about it as well. I can see why it's rated R. Barely, but R. Loved it! LOVED her house and garden.

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

I love that kitchen! I can't wait to see this movie.

Lynn said...

Have not seen the movie yet, but want to. I love the living room/family room and that white armour! Oh I so love that. Love almost anything Meryl stars in.

Jodee said...

I want to see this movie too :)