Sunday, January 3, 2010


Do you ever just live in a moment. I mean REALLY just soak it up, and not be done with it until it is actually, really, completely gone? Well I did that tonight. I think when we choose to do that, God really blesses our socks off if we let Him.

I picked up Sweet Baby Girl from Youth Group earlier tonight. She asked if we could bring home her BF, and a couple of other people. She jumped into the car and was SO happy. SO joyful.
For that brief moment, I wondered. I wondered if my mom felt this blessed when she could feel my overflowing joy at this age. If she just soaked in the moment with me. Even though being a teenager, I was oblivious to it. For those moments were rare.

Well we dropped off all our passengers and headed home. The moment had passed, but joy, contentment, and love still stayed with us in the car as I drove. Katie might have, (like her mom at that age), been oblivious to it, (she is 14 after all), but I am so grateful I was in a place to be able to recognize the moment, and choose to live in it with my daughter. I have a feeling my mom did too.

Oh Yeah, on a side note, just so you know how "normal" we really are... I had to take her cell, and laptop from her (like right out of her hands as she was doing whatever teenagers do),so she would get to bed on time... The moment had definitely passed. Just thought I'd share.

Hugs from Maine

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jenn said...

Good for you! I really need to concentrate on living in the moment! half of the day will pass and I realize I haven't even smiled yet--isn't that sad? just so overwhelmed somedays!