Friday, September 3, 2010


It's a lazy morning here this Friday. The weather has been record breaking hot, and so does not feel like September but does feel like the middle of August.

I don't know if its the thought of fall. The date on the calender saying it is going towards fall. God speaking to my heart...

But, I'm thinking its time for some changes. I don't care for change. You all know that. But sometimes change is good, fun, and a welcome necessity. I'm thinking this is one of those times.

I found the above picture just a few minutes ago on an older post from way back in March of 2009. This was taken the morning our oldest son left for boot camp, which was also his 24th birthday... Now THAT was a huge change.

My peeps... Boy do I love those 4. They have grown up faster then my mothers heart can keep up, and they just won't stop. Life. It goes on even when you would like it to just take a breather.

Its all good, and I am so very grateful.

Hugs from Maine

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