Saturday, August 28, 2010


I sit here on my porch realizing once again summer is coming to an end... This is the second summer we have been on Bartlett. It's like a slice of Mayberry. When we first saw this house and were in the process of renting it, I knew right off my favorite "room" would be the front porch. I was right.

This front porch faces the street, and has been a welcome spot for many to sit. We've had good friends call and say could they come sit a bit and chat... My Florida sister when she was here this summer, would stop by while doing her errands in town and sit with willing ears, to listen to her little sister carry on about life, children, and everything in between.

Our peeps have gathered here with their many, many, friends, and laughed the afternoons away...

I have sat out here countless hours each night enjoying the quiet of the street. Chirping of the crickets, glow from the one street light next door.
My peeps have joined me by themselves at different times, when their minds were cluttered and needed sorting, and I have listened.
Even a friend or two of theirs, have asked as late as 10:30 at night with heavy hearts, if they could come by to sit and unload emotions that they have been struggling with for months. How could my mothers heart say anything but, "of course"...

I have sat many, many, mornings hot coffee in hand, tears streaming down my face, just me and Jesus. I pour out my heart to Him, He listens, wipes away my tears, and once again sets me straight. My neighbors walk by with their dogs, and think Im nuts. Oh well.
Blue Eyes and I held our Sweet Baby Girl one whole evening while she cried from the very bottom of her toes, for what seemed like an eternity for our hearts, over a love she was being asked to let go of.

And our oldest son Ben, has hugged on and gotten hugs from, those who love him deeply hoping that all of our love will go with him, to the places in Afghanistan, where he can't talk about.

And I have been blessed to sit on the glider, beside his new bride, and get to know just who she is, how much she loves our son, and to realize how blessed we are to have her in our family.

My most grateful time was not more then a half hour one spring morning when my first born came out and sat beside his mum. We said nothing for a few. We didn't need too. He knew what I was thinking, how my mothers heart was heavy for his safety. How I wished he wasn't going off to war. We sat on this porch, and our first born son, in the brave, strong way that he is, reassured his mum, "I'll be alright Mom. I'll be fine. "

I knew when I saw it for the very first time... This porch was going to be my favorite "room" in our house. And it certainly has been.

Its all good, and I am so very grateful.

Hugs from Maine


vintage girl at heart said...

LOVE your porch!!!
happy Almost Fall!

Michelle said...

Love this Lisa, it truly is the simply things in life that make us happy!

Lynn said...

Love the porch! Love the curtains. Terry and I are coming to Maine for 3 weeks Sept/Oct, I just retired on Aug 27th. we will be between Ducktrap and Bar Harbor. If you are anywhere near that area, email me, I would love to meet you. Is you son home now or as that just a leave? He is in my prayers.

Laurel Breton-Calhoun said...

My eyes and heart fill with tears, love and joy for you and all the wonderful memories that you have shared on "the porch." I am glad that I have been a part of them. Miss you, sis. Your Florida Sister.