Monday, December 28, 2009


So last evening as I was doing one of my favorite relaxing things, (blogging), I discovered a post from Clover Lane

How to make your pictures on your blog bigger !

I almost screamed with glee I was so happy and thankful. Wait, maybe I did.

Why was I so excited? Well she taught me (and anyone of you if you need), how to make my pictures on my blog bigger!

This is something I've always thought I would never understand, let alone be able to do. She explained it simply, and even put pictures up for someone like me who really needs the visual. YIPPPPPEEEEE!!!

I can't tell you how glad and grateful I was to discover that I too can do this. Thus enjoying my blog more because it is the way I want it.

So I took some pictures from one of my favorite subjects, (Sweet Baby Girl), and adjusted some recent pictures. They've come out beautifully, and I am thrilled with my blog.

This picture is one of my favorites.

Please click over to Clover Lane, and see for yourself.

Hugs from Maine

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Sarah said...

Thanks for the link and your photos are incredible!