Friday, August 14, 2009


Well, I am praying for a changed heart. Last evening, after a bit of wisdom, insight, and humor from Sweet Baby Girls friends, (teenagers!), I realized my attitude needed changing. Quickly.

I realized that I need to be grateful for this time in my peeps lives that will, like their childhood, go by so very quickly. I could almost count the days if I wanted. That alone brings tears to my eyes. I love my peeps. One of the things Cameron said that really hit home for me was, "Mrs. Gurney, take a look at the picture you have on your FB and it will remind you of how much you love your teenagers." Those might not be his exact words but I did what he suggested, and it worked.

This age is hard on them, and me. But it is a time in their lives that they still need their moms love, understanding, compassion, prayers... I need to be "slow to anger". Quick to hug.
Always remembering that they will be gone soon, cherish the time I have with them.

When I have days that are harder then others, I will go upstairs to the wall of photos from their childhood and look. I will look at their sweet faces full of smiles and joy. I will read the scriptures under each photo, and pray.

I will focus on the qualities I love about my peeps for there are many. They are considerate, kind, polite. They are hard workers and have good attitudes when doing so. They are quick to help those in need, and they love each other as siblings in a way I will be forever grateful to God for.
They know Jesus as their savior, and hear his voice speak to them in the quietness of their hearts. They have compassion for animals and older people and appreciate both. They are intelligent and humble. Qualities that don't always go hand in hand.

Forgive me Lord for letting my emotions towards my peeps get to a place where I was forgetting, no, rejecting the 4 gifts, You Lord have given me as their mom. Please help me to always be grateful for this time in their lives. Because truly, they are growing up so fast, my heart can't keep up.

And thank you Kayla, Peter, and Cameron (wonderful teenagers!!!),for letting God use your love for Him, and my Sweet Baby Girl, to help this mom stop in her bad attitude tracks and change her heart.

Hugs from Maine


life in red shoes said...

You know, as hard as it is to be the parent of a teenager, actually being a teenager must be hard too.
Life is so much different than it was when I was that age, much more complicated, so many choices, so much information and misinformation.
Nothing has brought me to my knees like having my daughters be teenagers. The oldest is 28 and married to a great guy.
The youngest is 18 and really struggling to find her place in the world.
Let's pray together, we need it, they need it.

Mrs. E said...

To each season there is indeed
strength, hope, joy and peace
in the Lord... May He bring
you and your precious ones
much joy in each, dear Lisa!!

Lots of Love~ Jen

Do stop
by "Blessed Femina"
and enter for some
fabulous music, dear!

Joy said...

I was divorced when my 'peep's were 12 and 15 and I didn't get custody of them... very, very sad time in my life. It was very hard to go to bed at night wondering if they had healthy food that day, or if they had clean clothes for the next day, or if they needed something from the store for school. It was hardest time in my life.

Unknown said...

i would say your peeps have many great qualities, of course so do mine, but sometimes its hard to see through their teenagehood into their good stuff! good luck, i am almost finished just a few months til no more teenagers and some days it's even harder when they are adults!