Wednesday, August 12, 2009


OK. So this morning started out fine. Coffee made, dogs out, dishes started... I thought, why don't I get chicken pie made this morning so all that has to be done is to put it in tonight. Smart huh? Then is happened. Humidity, heat... you get the picture. It got to me. I let it get to me. Not unlike my teenagers. It happens. I let it happen. They get to me.

I started to get ingredients out for the pie, and couldn't find a paring knife. I've had and do have many, but couldn't find a one. Not one. So of course I thought it was "the teenagers" All of them. Because it is a cult, and they DO tag team. I hear the high fives and the "yeah! " coming from upstairs... Well, not really. But it does seem like it sometimes. Like its a cult, and they high five each other as they tag the next one to make me coo-coo.

They take my "stuff", camera, hair brush, tweezers, hair products, (I only have one), perfume, cell phone cords, (both inside and car versions)... And thats just off the top of my head.
Now I'm not a materialistic kinda person. I'll pretty much share anything (except Blue Eyes), just as long as it gets put back in the spot it was found in. And you know me, everything has a place and I always put it back in its place.

And so this morning, when I got over heated, (to humid for this Maine girl), and I couldn't find any paring knife... well you can guess who I blamed. And if you still can't figure it out, just ask anyone in my neighborhood who they heard me ranting about because I think they all heard.

To sum it up, I pulled a Hillary. Yup, a Hillary. I assumed because I couldn't find not even one of the 5 or 6 paring knives we have that it MUST have been a teenager that took it. Them.

And so I carried on for about hummm, 5 minutes. The dogs ran and hid. Ben stayed on his computer. Not a word. So I finished my chicken pie with the peeler and cooked it up so it was ready for din-din later. And as I was cleaning up the dishes from all of that, well just let me say it wasn't the teenager that took the paring knife like I so quickly assumed.

This picture says it all, and yes it was at the bottom of this lying there all clean and paring knife like.

Yes, I will be sure to eat a huge piece of humble pie for dessert. ( I still hate teenagers)

Thank you to Patseys "Cuff Angel". I needed that.

Hugs from Maine


Kerry said...

When I was a kid, my mother yelled at me CONSTANTLY for taking the scissors. It might have been me the first time, but she blamed me over and over again. To this day I can still hear her screaming! We laugh about it now. Just part of mothering teens!

Becca's Dirt said...

I know what you mean. My kids are gone and married and I still can't find things.

Lisa said...



Chris Kauffman said...

I had a total fit like that last night , it was my tea towels , they disapear ,I knew it was Sophie she walks off with them and she is only 8 , I find them all over the house , argh! , I felt like a real bumm after it was over .
Ah well , we can not always have shining moments.

Margo said... are awesome and I love you tons!