Thursday, July 9, 2009


Our oldest brother Ron and his wife Barb, have 4 children. Their third child Ron Currie Jr. has written a novel.

Ronnie is ten years younger then me. Which makes him 34 this year. Yikes! When he was a baby, our mom called him Baby Ron. It stuck.

Ronnie is becoming quite an accomplished author. His Dad would be so very proud of him. Ron, (our brother), died 2 years ago, this December of lung cancer.

Tonight Ronnie was featured on the local show, 207, with Rob Caldwell. Tomorrow he will read from his book at Barns and Noble. And so it goes. Ronnie is living his dream of becoming a writer. Congratulations Ron Currie Jr. We love you and are so proud of and happy for you!

You will always be Baby Ron to us!

Hugs from Maine


Pam said...

What an awesome accomplishment! Haven't there been a few great writers come from Maine? He's in good company!

akawest said...

You must be so proud!cu

Robynn's Ravings said...

What's it about?! I'm dying to know! And tell him a BIG congratulations! Lots of us have books in our head but don't get them anywhere else. HE DID IT!!!!! Yay!!! P.S. I'm WILD over the cover. It's GREAT!! Makes me want to read it. :)