Monday, July 13, 2009


Yesterday was a very special day in the great state of Maine. 50 years ago, our sister was born. Yup, Laurel, (I still call her Laurie), other wise known as Florida sister here on this blog, was born. 50 YEARS!!!
I know she is so pretty, and really doesn't look a day over 49! (tee hee. she really is a looker. and that red hat. sista, you've gotit goin on) She is now an official member of that Hat society. Me, not so much. Remember, I'm the YOUNGEST.

Sewing sister, (thats her on the right), has been planning and planning for quite some time to make this a wonderful, memorable day for 50 year old. Um, I mean Laurie.

Laurie's husband is always up for a good thing, especially if it is for the love of his life, 50 year old. Ooops, I mean, Laurie.
This is him making sure for the 4th time that we (the surprise committee) know EXACTLY what we are to do. (He's so sweet. He wants it to be perfect for his 50 year old. Yikes, I mean his beautiful bride of 12 years).

And it worked. She was SOOOOOO surprised, yup, she cried. Always a good indication its gone off without a hitch!!!

This is her (in the middle with that gorgeous red hat) and her friends from her younger days. Ooopppssss. Did I say that. To have these two at the 50 year olds party really pushed it over the top special.

And when it was time to open gifts, Mr. Information, (otherwise know as sewing sistas husband), couldn't keep his thoughts to himself. Not really much of a drinker, he had, had a couple. After all, he worked hard right along side the other two, to pull this partay off. He spent hours and had to have 2 brewskees while wrapping all 25 plus gifts for 50 year old. He is one of the funniest brother in laws a family could ever have. (You know, he's been in my family longer than I have. He's in ) We love you Gary. Your the best. Really.

Remember those little blue pills I take? Low dose, just to balance things off a bit. Well lookie here at birthday girls subscription. Do you see the size of those babies! Yeah, there as big as horse pills. (Oh know. I just had a thought. Is this what 50 looks like?)
(there just blue m&m's)
And finally it was time for 50 year old to blow out the candles... Wait, thats a 49 on her cake!!! Hey, whats goin on here!!!

Birthday cake by a camp fire, with the people you love, and who love you, in the great, great, great, state of Maine... Girl, it doesn't get any better then this!


Hugs from Maine


Alicia The Snowflake said...

Looks like she had a great birthday! Hope you are doing well my friend!

Lois Christensen said...

What a sweet post to your sister! Happy Birthday! Looks like you all had a great time! Enjoy your day!

Mrs. E said...

How lovely!!
Happy Birthday to your sister!

Many Blessings~ Jen

Paula said...

Good job sista # 3 ...

We had fun didn't we?

Saturday was awesome for me!

Sunday was just the icing on the cake!

Love to you.

sista # 1