Friday, May 22, 2009


Well, Blue Eyed Husband and the peeps are off. (13 year old took my camera, so no pictures after this post from me.)

My peep and his friends. 16 year old is the one with the loooonnnnnng hair. I really don't know why he keeps it long. He ends up looking so much like me. I'm sure thats NOT his reason.

18 year old decided to take his truck. No friends this time. Well, 16 year old is his best friend anyway.

Big tuff guys

Don't forget theses...
I am having lunch with an old friend of my moms. Stella is a sweet woman I grew up with. It is such a huge blessing to still have her in my life after all of these years of not having my mom here. I'm sure you can relate.

Hugs from Maine


Amy said...

16 year old's hair is AWESOME! I wish mine looked that good. Your kids are blessed with gorgeous hair...
My peeps have been talking about camping, too. I just pretend like I can't hear the conversation. eep.

Tonya said...

I agree, your 16 year old has GORGEOUS hair! He looks great with long hair too!

Enjoy your break from the family...everyone needs one now and then! But when do I get mine?? LOL

jen said...

Gorgeous hair!!


Tracey said...

Where are they going??? How long will they be gone?? So enjoy your time this weekend.. have fun.