Sunday, May 31, 2009


I've just met a new blogger you should all visit. Her name is Jo, and her blog is One Artsy Chic.

She stumbled upon my blog and stayed for awhile. She is a regular mom, (just like us), with a regular life.

She makes the most beautiful jewelry!!!

She has a cottage that she stays at throughout the summer. Doesn't it look cozy. I can't wait to see pictures of the inside. (Hint, Hint).

So friends, take a minute to visit and say Hi to Jo. She is looking for more blog friends, and I told her, I have just the ladies she's looking for.

Hugs from Maine


Kathleen said...

Always happy to meet new bloggers! Thanks for the introduction. Lisa, hope you have a great week! Hugs, Kathleen

Victoria Hayden said...

Thanks Lisa for introducing another great and creative blogger! I have visited Jo and now follow her! She has seen me and now follows me. We have a start to another new and great friendship...thanks to you! Have a great Monday and week ahead!

Hugs to you,

Mrs. E said...

Oh my.... thank you for introducing us!
Can't wait to check out her blog!

Love & Blessings~ Jen