Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Know It's Too Early Yet, But I Think I Hate It!

YIKES! I just went up to our bedroom where sweet, sweet, Blue Eyed Husband is painting on his Saturday, day off. The stilts didn't work on our rug, so he is using a ladder. You know what? I think I hate the color

Of course I said NOTHING to B.E.H. and kept my fears to myself. I know, I know, your right. Its too soon to tell yet. But... He did say it will need two coats. Is that my glimmer of hope?

Hugs from Maine


Barb said...

I like the color it looks close to what I have in my bedroom, it's called hopsack from Sherwin Williams.Have a great day....Barb

Anonymous said...

What is the name of it? It looks close to Tudor Brown that I am thinking of doing in our room. Wait till it dries and goes for it's second coat. Then get everything back in there. I think it will look good. Don't know what your other colors are but we are doing Chocolate, cream, white and tan and our furniture is black. I bet it will look good.

Mrs. E said...

LOL :)

hehehe.... you sound like my dear mother and I! We always have a hard time deciding on paint colors. I hope at the end of the day.... you are happy with the end result!! :)

Many Blessings~Miss Jen

Lois Christensen said...

Last weekend when my hubby was hanging the things up in our bedroom I casually asked him if he would mind repainting the room. We've had the red color for about 3 years now. He just looked at me. So I'm stuck with the red for awhile.
I like the color going on your walls!! I'm sure once it's all done and you get everything back in place you'll love it again!! Keep us posted on the progress...more pictures too!