Saturday, February 20, 2010


  1. whiten my teeth.
  2. get a short hair cut
  3. go to a rumba class
  4. eat more fruit
  5. hug my first born
  6. spend a whole day going to the movies
  7. drive a volvo xc
  8. walk my dog everyday
  9. open a shop
  10. drive around town in the summer months, bringing free books to kids in low income neighborhoods with Kate. And maybe even a cooler full of Popsicles
  11. try a different flavored ice cream everyday at Giffords until I've tried them all.
  12. travel around the country just me and Kate.
  13. have a huge block party with lots of food, music, dancing and the street blocked off at each end.
  14. live in an apartment
  15. swim naked more.
  16. lose weight. :)
  17. strengthen my body.
  18. read more.
  19. go for a long walk on an empty beach with Kate.
  20. kiss my husband until my lips fall off.
  21. hear all four of my peeps and their loves talking and laughing together from the other room.
  22. talk too and sit long enough to hear from God everyday.
  23. tell each of my sibling how very much I love them.

Just a list of random things I need to a do ...

Hugs from Maine



That is some list ! Might take some time but I hope you will be blogging about each acheivement !

Best wishes for a lovely week

life in red shoes said...

Except for 7, 14, 15, I am in complete agreement.
I love the book idea:)