Thursday, November 19, 2009


When our peeps were little, I knew that they would grow up so very fast. That if I didn't take that time to be home with them, love on and enjoy them, that time would be gone. Never to be mine again..

I am so grateful to be married to a man who knows my mothers heart and loves me deeply. I'm glad that I recognized Gods tugging. His words in my ears were telling me to stop, and enjoy this time as a mom. Really enjoy it. For it is a gift from Him. And I did.

Well, our peeps aren't little anymore. But lately, I've realized that I've stopped. I've stopped being a mom who takes each day home with them, as precious. A gift from God with time quickly going by. Time I can never get back with them. (can we say teenagers ! )

And so I will slow down some. And take a walk with my Sweet Baby Girl and her BF. Out on a bridge to enjoy my time with her. (Her suggestion ). With a grateful heart for the time I have left to be her mom. Blessed that she wants to spend it with me.

I will stop and stand in the middle of a bridge, and take in the familiar cold Maine air. I will recognize sweet first loves, and know it is good. I will use my cheap Walmart camera and take pictures. Pictures of all God is, in every form, and be grateful. I will remember to be purposeful in the day. Enjoying all the precious moments with my peeps. Knowing that it is good to stay away from the negative, controling, legalistic, and fearful. I can choose happiness, joy, freedom, and confidence, in Christ. I can choose.

I will choose to stand still long enough to be grateful... for He is good.

Oh Yeah, all of these pictures are mine ! Imagine that !
Hugs from Maine


Laurel Breton-Calhoun said...

Beautifully said and beautiful pictures. See you in a week.
luv, sis #2

Lois Christensen said...

Beautiful post and pictures. Your daughter is beautiful! I can see so much of you in her! Enjoy your day!

life in red shoes said...

Still, a thankful as we are for them, it's so hard to watch them at this stage.

Mrs. E said...

Awww~ love the sunset picture! :)

Love~ Jen

prashant said...

beautiful pictures.

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Unknown said...

Lisa, beautiful post, beautiful pictures!

As I get more and more into your blog, I'm so grateful to have found you . . . you're touching heartstrings!

Thanks so much for sharing!