Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here we are on the very last day of September, and I'm finally posting on my blog! I've missed a whole month! Not much has been going on... well, thats not really the truth. Life goes on and we really can't stop that. It's all good, and we are all well. Thanks friends for your concern. I've missed you guys! I must have needed a break and didn't realize it.

I know I've posted this picture before but, it's so me even though its not my picture.

Sweet Baby girl is growing up, and well... it can be stressful at times. Not because anything is wrong, just that she is 14 going on 25. Or so it seems. Having 3 boys before her didn't really help a whole lot. I mean, they are guys and soooo different. You know, it reminds me of the day I gave birth to her. I had Benjamin, Matthew, and Zachary, but somehow it felt like she was my first child. I know its because she was a girl and I almost didn't know WHAT to do with her. For 6 months I said to myself, shes a girl, shes a girl, shes a girl. It finally sunk in. Now Im finding myself saying the very same thing, 14 years later...

I love her more then life itself. I am very proud of who she is, the choices she is making, her genuiness and sincerity. I'm breathing some big deep breaths lately, and it helps. I'm also more importantly seeking God in this time of transition and His wisdom. Good friends and sisters are always on hand to lend a listening ear, and loving encouragement.

For this I am grateful.

Big Hugs from Maine!


Farmgirl Chaos said...

Glad to hear that all is well up in Maine. I hope your are enjoying your fall. The weather has been amazing in Iowa.
I did miss your posts. But like you said, life goes on.
God bless!

Lois Christensen said...

Glad you're back! Of course I knew you didn't fall off the face of the earth because I see you all the time on Facebook, but it's nice to really be able to catch up on everything. Your daughter is beautiful!

Mrs. E said...

Awww.... precious!
Your daughter is SO pretty!!!!
What a blessing.

Love~ Miss Jen

Emily said...

Lovely blog! Thanks for sharing! :)
-Emily Anne

Joy said...

Welcome back! I had the thought that I'd check on you, to see if you were okay... a break can be a good thing! I am the only girl (and the youngest) of 3 brothers. My mom and I were so close and such great friends, I miss her. Maybe you and your daughter can have as wonderful of a relationship like I did with my mom.

Joy said...

Oh, and that photo... looks like a good place to curl up with a book or even a laptop! The only thing missing is chocolate and some comfy slippers.