Monday, June 22, 2009

411 GOD

I want to share with you this site that has blessed my socks off! (Well, I wear flip-flops, but same thing).

It's called 411 God. Here is the sites description,

The 411

What is all about.

What if God came to you? What if He helped you know what to do? What if He gave you confidence about your future? How ‘bout if He called you on your cell? Would ya answer?

God speaks. He wrote a book and He wants you to know it....Here's a chance for you to get it on your terms.

Check it out: it's a minute of Bible on your phone.

Now, when their cell phone rings, people everywhere can listen to God's Word and start to know Him better. Would you help us make it happen?

This sweet new service is called 411God. The Bible read just for you. The way you understand it; when it’s cool for you. Morning—noon—night. You set the time. Your phone rings....You answer—you listen.

Simple. Convenient. Understandable. Life Changing.

We’re all busy people. So, get the Bible on your phone with 411God.

So take a moment and check it out. I love it!

Hugs from Maine

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