Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's snowing here in Maine today. Yup snow. It's the heavy, wet, melt on the ground flakes that don't amount to anything, but still we call it snow.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Maine snow. I was born in the middle of it, (February), grew up playing in it, (with my brothers and neighborhood kids ), and one of my favorite things to do is go for long walks while its flakes are falling beautifully from the sky.

But I have to say, I'm not ready. For the snow. Nope, not yet. You know how we all have our own little made up schedule of how and when things should happen in our lives? You know, like some of mine would be... Your first born son doesn't join the Army but goes to college instead... The discussion of thinking about a boyfriend doesn't come up until your Sweet Baby Girl is at least 16. Not to mention that she would have a boyfriend at 14!
And snow does not start to fall until after Thanksgiving. The day after is fine.

Well what I'm learning as of late is that things,life, doesn't happen according to MY plan/timing. Surprise surprise !

I've had to learn to deal with and make the very best of the first two things. God is showing me the "how" because I didn't want either one. And all is good in both.
Our first born son is doing well in the Army. He has grown much and appreciates more. Sweet Baby Girl has chosen a wonderful young man, and we are so pleased with him.
And the snow, well... It does look pretty falling on the remaining leaves with all Gods glory.
Yeah, it's all good.

Hugs from "snowy" Maine


Becca's Dirt said...

Nice post even if it is snowing on your parade. That sounds nice to go for a walk with the pretty flakes falling on your face. So glad your son is doing well in the military and that your daughter has chosen a fine young man. Have a great afternoon.

Miss Jen said...

Oh.... how wonderful! :)
I wish you could send me some!!

With Much Love~ Miss Jen

Elise said...

I love snow ! All you need now is the Nutcracker and the Waltz of the Snowflakes and you're ready for Christmas ! Lovely post

Nicoleigh said...

Snow is fantastic! Love it. But, I'm hoping all the crops will be harvested before we get our first snow fall. Harvesting and snow do not mix. So enjoy it for me!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I don't think I could handle snow right now either!! But I'm sure it's beautiful up where you are! Glad your son is doing well!

Barb said...

Snow,sounds like you guys are getting an early start....Barb

Ashley said...

Yeah, I always have my, "this needs to happen here, now, then" schedule as well. I'm glad that even when I feel like letting out a long "nooooo" that God always knows.