Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well, I haven't posted in a few days, and Florida sister said, "Keep it up, I'm enjoying your blog again!" . So, I thought even though I have little to say here, I could show you this beautiful post I found on one of my favorite blogs,

Something White: and some color too...

This is her attic space! WOW huh!?

I don't know about you guys, but my peeps would have spent ALL of their time up here when they were younger! Heck I would have too!!!

In her own words,

So this is our attic as it is now. During Summertime it was the ideal campingplace for our kids and for our little and older guests who stayed with us. From the roofwindows there´s a large view over the village and over the fields. The insulation has already been fixed on both sides of the inner roof, but we still need to prepare the walls aside against the cold and humidity. And afterwards other works have to be done. So far this update to get an idea about the situation here...

It kind of reminds me of our house in Benton. Huge, open, just awesome! WOW!!!

Hugs from Maine


LegoMom said...

That may be the coolest attic ever!! I'D want to hang out there, too! ;)

Oh, and I love your new background! Very pretty.


Nicoleigh said...

So that is what an attic is suppose to be like? Very nice! The attic at my parent's farm house is our storage space. Otherwise, it is too hot or too cold to be up there. But how fun if it was a usable space.
Thanks for sharing!

Something White said...

Oh my goodness, people are talking about us!! :D
Dearest Lisa, thank you so much for this post full of enthusiasm and joy! Yes, I´m very grateful to have this attic, since the rooms downstairs are very narrow and small. Our house is so old and there´s so much work to do yet, but it has lots of potential. I would like to install our livingroom on the attic :)
Thank you for your kind words and for your visit. I´ll browse your pages here to discover your world as well.
Best greetings from Belgium, Marjolijn

Ashley said...

Very cool attic! Is it strange that I've always wanted an attic?

Oh yeah, I've tagged you!
Check out this post for details.

Joy said...

Wow, what an awesome space, so many ways it could be used-- plenty of room for guests! What a great getaway space. I'll check out the blog.

Miss Jen said...

Stunning! =)
Thanks for sharing with
all of us!!!!

Love~ Jen