Monday, October 19, 2009


Recently, Florida sister, (who I love and miss ), has redone some bathrooms in her house. She sent me pictures of the new look. The tile is gorgeous! (so are you Ian)

This is over her "twilight" LOVE IT!

The colors are beautiful!!!

And that shower curtain!!! (click the picture. You need to see it close up!)

Not only did she do a wonderful job transforming this bathroom with color, warmth, and style... she also put personal touches in that are meaningful to her and those that know her. Like the white bowl on the counter that holds her hand towels. ( It was on our family kitchen table for as long as I can remember). And the picture of our parents on their wedding day, on the " twilight".

Wow, and Wow!!! What a beautiful job Florida sister!!! You've got it going on girlfriend!!!

Big hugs from Maine!!!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very pretty! Love the colors!!!

Lynn said...

Very nicely done. I love that she incorporated special touches that have meaning to her and those that know her. A way to keep her family close when actual miles separate them.

Yaya' s Changing World said...

Well, now that I have been introduced to you as Florida Sister, I shall always think of you that way.
What a beautiful job you did with your home. I'm so glad to have been introduced to you and your blog by your Maine Sister.
Incidentally, I have a brother in Florida and my dad was from Maine.
Thanks for showing us your lovely home. ~ Yaya

Miss Jen said...

It is GORGEOUS *sigh*

Love Always~ Miss Jen

Yaya' s Changing World said...

Hmmmm. It would seem that my foot has, yet again, become lodged in my mouth. I goofed, didn't I? You are not Florida Sister. You are Maine Sister, right?
Please forgive my faux pas. I do love the pictures you posted and the things you wrote. Thanks for sharing. You're sister did a great job. ~ Yaya