Saturday, October 3, 2009


BIG day at the Gurney house. Sweet Baby Girl is going to her very first dance. A Homecoming dance. Like her 3 brothers before her, she has always homeschooled, and hadn't really had the opportunity to go to a dance. Not to mention, we really have never liked the idea all that much. Going to a dance that is. But, things change, and so did our minds. Blue Eyes and mine.

I know, I know. Going to a dance isn't all that big of a deal to lots of people. And you know what, you're probably right. Sweet Baby Girl says I over think everything. Have I told you before, she knows me well, and is often right.

She met and likes a young man from her Youth Group that she has been going to for quite sometime now. Although we are hesitant because of his age, (a little older then we hoped), and her age, (a little younger then we wanted), he is a fine young man, and he comes from a wonderful family. He has been raised well and is very loved. We've visited with them at their home this week, and are confident that we're all on the same page.

And so tonight, Sweet Baby Girl will go on her first unofficial "date" with her first, unofficial, "boyfriend". Actually, we're calling them friends. My Florida sister calls it "denial". She's right. It works.

Shortly, she will be getting ready with her friend, (pictured above), and we will snap 5 million pictures before she is off for what I hope will be a wonderfully, memorable evening.

I of course will post pictures later!

Hugs from Maine

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Amy said...

Dress up!

My daughter was homeschooled and never went to any dances, either....(although she never wanted to. She'd rather drop a brick on her foot than have to possibly