Friday, August 7, 2009


Yeah, I'm thinking about it. I am feeling overwhelmed lately with tooooo much exposure/availability in my life. FaceBook, Email, Blog... Oh and the Cell Phone!!!
Can we say "toilet"

(me and Goodfriend. Just because I like this pic, and her.)

When we first moved to this house about a month ago, we had no connection. No internet, home phone. Which means no computer and all that. I realized in that very short time that I had more peace in my life. Quiet. Less interruption. More time to talk to God. And I did. Talk to God. I liked it. I think He did too.

Do I share too much with too many? When is it too much? A very wise woman who loves me dearly has said, "Boy, there isn't anything you don't write about on that blog!"
And its not just the Blog. Its all of it.

This morning I needed to "vent" and a very good friend was available to me on Face Book. Not only was she "there" she validated me as a wife/mom and reminded me that I'm not crazy. She listened, encouraged me in the Lord, and helped to put a stop to what could have turned into an unnecessary hoopty-do. AKA, The enemy wanted me to start the day with him, not Him. I am grateful.

So lately, I've been wondering if I need to cut back on all the connections. Which ones, if any. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed. When that starts to happen, I now can stop, take a look at the "what" that is causing the overwhelm, and go from there.

And so my question is, Do I just need a vacation, or have I put too many things in my daily life and need to cut back to a more simpler day. Have I let a little bit too much technology in. What do I cut back on. Less really can equal more.

I will pray. Hopefully, I will listen.

Hugs from Maine


Margo said...

I say..."keep it coming!" I LOVE keeping up with you via FB and your blog!!

B. J. Brooks said...

Lisa I love reading your blog, hearing about Maine which I've always wanted to visit, I love reading and sharing God. You have a wonderful family and I don't think you share too much. All your readers rejoice in your achievements.

I recently told my son, "I am feeling my age, just two weeks ago I felt so much younger" He laughed and laughed, "two weeks ago huh?"

Well I checked with other friends and they too were feeling their age or just overwhelmed with life maybe. Who knows but take my word for it, "We all have days like this."

So I vote you give up Face Book, (which I can't access from work) keep the blog and maybe blog 3 times a week.

Praying for the best decision for you.

B.J. Brooks

Nicoleigh said...

I use to be an avid Facebook user. But lately, my life too has gotten busy, I don't have access to the internet, or have been gone for work trips. I must say I most definitely enjoy those times away from Facebook. That in turn has really decreased my use of Facebook....except for Farm Town. :) If someone needs to get ahold of me, I have a phone they can call. But I most definitely do miss the blogs and inspiration people share with others. Some days, I can be down, but come across a great and encouraging blog, and will totally change my day. Sometimes yours is one of those blogs. So thanks for being an inspiration. God bless you during this time of question.

Laurel said...

Florida sister votes that you keep the blog and give up facebook since I am not participating in that. I love seeing pictures of home and my family and reading what is going on in your life (maybe cutting back to 3 days a week is a good idea). While you do share alot of things I do not thing that you share too much. Good luck with your decision. Hugs from Florida.

Robynn's Ravings said...

I think I have to echo what everyone else is saying, especially about favoring the blog over FB.

The blog is a recording of your life that your children will always have of THEIR lives as well. And people can THINK we put everything out there because we talk about or show things but they have no idea how VERY MUCH we keep private and NEVER share. Only you, with God's guidance can decide what feels right for your family. I would advise that you not let someone else decide that for you by their assessment of what is, and what is not, too much unless you are actively SEEKING their wise counsel.

But I also think it's okay to shelve things for awhile. I have a friend who is a professional writer who has taken a three month sabbatical from her blog. She wants to come back but has refreshed herself immensely during her time off.

I'm writing a book and will HAVE to back off my blog, if only temporarily, if I'm to get it done. That'll be hard and I'm still trying to figure out how to do it.

Anyway, sorry to make you read a book but you post struck a chord with me, too. Lots of love and blessings in whatEVER you decide to do. :)

Allison said...

Thought I would weight in and share my thoughts.
I'm very grateful for your blog. It reconnected me to you and let me get to know you all over. I have absolutely loved that.
I greatly admire any person that shares of themself so freely. I understand a person's need for privacy but I also appreciate someone who can step out and say, "Hey, this is who I it or leave it". I really love that about you. I know exactly what I'm getting...and it makes me love you even more!
Now, as a fellow facebooker, I've loved being able to connect with you on a daily basis. I have the tendency to check my facebook page a little too often during the day to see what other people are up to. I love connections. I think you do too since you're just so easy to connect, or reconnect with!
Maybe allowing yourself to check your FB once in the am and once in the pm would be a good starting place. Maybe I should start with be honest, I get bored my kids but I do spend a lot of time without adult companionship! We can talk more when I SEE YOU TOMORROW! Yippee!

Lisa said...

Moderation is usually the key in most areas of life. Perhaps cutting back your blogging time, but not ending it, will be the answer.

jenn said...

Maybe if you just took a bloggy break--like cJane did! It is so easy stay on the computer trying to keep up with everything out there! I completely understand!

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

Lisa...I adore you! I would miss reading your posts and enjoying seeing your life in Maine...a place I have always wanted to visit! O.k. so besides my own selfish reasons of wanting you to stay here...I do understand this. I feel this way some days too. I do know however, blogging has brought so much joy and happiness in my life, it is hard to think of it not being there.

I am sure all of us who follow you would completly understand if you didn't blog as often or you needed a break. I think we can put to much pressure on ourselves to think if we don't post people will like us less or we aren't keeping it interesting.

I know that I enjoy many blogs and never think...when are they posting something. I just read it as it comes.

Another thought...I have heard of a blog being a scrapbook. I need to find the blog I saw it on, but it can print your entire blog out and you then have it as a keepsake too. I want to do this once a year for mine. I think it sounds so great!

So we all would miss you, but also know that yes, you have to do what is best for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Hugs and love,

Linda said...

As you know, I've taken a summer break from my blog. I think I've missed checking in on everyone else's blogs more than I've missed writing my own. But it's been a very refreshing time off. I have enjoyed this summer more than others and I wonder if it's because I've let go of some of my technology tie-downs. On the one hand, my blog has been a way for me to keep in touch with friends and family, and acquire new friends (you bet you're one of 'em!) and that is something that I do not want to let go of. And on the other hand, if I let it tie me down or take time away from priorities, then it's not good for me or anyone else.

So ... for me it will mean a better scheduling of my time so hopefully I can find a balance. I'm still trying to figure out how to do that. LOL

I enjoy checking in on your blog, but will enjoy it even more knowing you're coming from a place of peace with it. So I will keep you in my prayers .. and I'll keep checking back!

Tricia Anne said...

Can I just say, thank you for keeping this real! Thank you for sharing your heart. I find strength in other's walks with the Lord and giving testimony to where they are. Of course I have my very own intimate walk with Christ, and I hold that very dear and close to my heart. But like you said, having a friend to vent to and having her encourage you in Christ is so good.
I have never once been offended or thought you shared too much in your blog, one of the reasons I read your blog is your sweet honesty. When I saw the picture of your family's shoes, including military boots, I saw that image through a momma's eyes, just like the eyes of the one posting the picture. :o)
Sadly, I don't have a clue about facebook and all the other stuff. :o)
I posted something very similar on the 4th about loving what we do and doing what we love. :o) We must have been on the same page! :o)
My prayers for direction are being lifted for you this evening!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Kasey said...

hard decision here.
I for one...use my blog as a way of writing.
I know you will do what you deem necesarry....
but we will miss you if you go.

Miss Jen said...

Your blog is a sweet blessing
to me and am always brought to
smiles when I visit...
but I know each Season the
Lord presents us with, new
changes and different schedules.
Taking breaks are good... but coming
back is always wonderful!!!
I hope you either continue refreshed
and relaxed or take a break & come back that way... all with the Lord's leading!!

Love & Hugs~ Miss Jen

jen said...

I have struggled with this as well!! It all becomes so overwhelming!! Take a break and see how you feel then. If I had to give up one it would definately be facebook. I think your blog is great!!