Saturday, August 8, 2009


It's 11:20 at night. I'm sitting at my kitchen island eating hot buttered toast, reflecting on the night. I spent it with these girls,

We went to high school together 26 years ago! We are just a handful of many that we all grew up with, all those years ago. So much has changed for each of us. So much has stayed the same.

We ate nachos and talked, and laughed, and talked some more. A few had moved away and come back home to take care of aging parents. A couple have their own business. Some have been married more than once and didn't give up until they found the love of their lives. Another has been with her love for 25 years. One of us has lost that life long love, way too soon. Only to find strength from it, and move forward. Never forgetting. Never forgetting...

Although 26 years has brought each of us in different directions, I can't help but feel we are connected. I felt connected to them. As if we had been in each others lives all these years.
Maybe it's just me. Maybe not. I do know I am grateful for the evening we've had together.
I'm looking forward to many more.

We look pretty good for 44 don't you think?

Hugs from Maine


Laurel said...

You girls all look great! How awesome to take time to come together and share your lives after having separated so many years ago. My calendar today reads "Helping one another is part of the religion of our sisterhood" - Louisa May Alcott

Allison said...

I feel the connection Lisa! There's an ease about these friendships, a familiarity that only childhood friends share. We knew each other in our most formative years and are blessed to continue to learn about each other and *want* to be together in our later years.
Love you tons!