Sunday, August 15, 2010


One of my daughters sweet friends, Heather said to me today, " Mrs. Gurney, you haven't put anything on your blog for a long time!" Well I didn't know she even read my blog. Nice...
I thought I would check out how long I have actually been since I had written, and guess what? Its been too long. So much has happened over these past couple of months. I'll spare you the boring details, and sum up as best as I can. Here goes...

Youth Camping trip at Mt. Blue State Park in Maine

Some one was tired at the end of it all...

Grace looking for items for her team.

This man was actually on his cell at the end of the dock. Only place he could get reception I guess.

Katelyn enjoying some free time at the Youth Camping Trip with her best friend Tim.

Teenagers... enough said. Oh, there's Heather.

On the trip home, Tim and Katelyn were asleep in less then 10 minutes.

The beach area was amazing

Camden, Court, Katelyn and Tim on there own little "camping" overnight.
Totally supervised of course. They are such good kids.

And my favorite picture of the summer thus far... It says so much.

Its all good, and I am so very, very, grateful... Thanks Heather.

Hugs from Maine