Friday, February 12, 2010


45 years ago today, I'm pretty sure I was wrapped tightly in a blanket, being fed by a nurse from a glass bottle, wearing cloth diapers, in the hospital nursery with a bunch of other crying newborns. I was the last of my parents 7 children. They were undoubtedly saying a big PHEW WWW... no more! They always said the last two were a surprise. SERIOUSLY!?

Today, 45 years later, was much different. Let me give you the run down of this wonderful day.

Lunch yesterday with 4 great friends at my favorite local restaurant. Sweet gifts, desert passed around the table, circle style. Smiles and laughter, smiles and laughter.

Today, oodles, and oodles, of birthday wishes from family and friends on yes, you guessed it, Face Book. Love it!!!

A phone call from our first born who is still in Germany, wishing his mom a great day. Really love this!

The sweetest letter from one of my peeps (I've been sworn not to give out any more info from said peep ), that blessed my heart beyond words. I will cherish this till the day I go to see Jesus. And then ask Him if He minds if I take it with me. (He just might say yes. He's good like that.)

Oh yeah, and did I mention, one of my brothers called me at 6 am to make sure he was the very first person to wish me a Happy Birthday!!! It was great actually! It reminded me of how close we really still, and always are, even if we get busy with life. He's always got my back. Big brothers are like that ya know. Especially mine.

My Florida sister called and Sewing Sister came by with her hubs to bring me presents from both. Sewing sister even made chocolate covered strawberries! I love those two ! Wow, my siblings rock huh!

A close friend took me to lunch today, (just the two of us. Yes thats two birthday lunches in two days), and then shopping for the most adorable purse this girl has ever had!!! And sunglasses to boot!!!

Then Sweet Baby Girl and I went to the movies to see Valentines Day. Just her and I. All close and mother/daughter like.

Yesterday I got to spend the afternoon with Stella. My mothers close friend. Someone I grew up with. Stella was my moms good friend. I saw her all the time. She knows me, and my mom well. Spending anytime with her is one of my biggest blessings. She isn't my mom, but she's as close as it gets.

Tomorrow, a good friend from 5th grade is taking me out to dinner. We will talk, eat, laugh... laugh some more. Um, yup. I'm a loved girl. So blessed and grateful.

Sweet Baby Girl is lying on the kitchen floor, dog by her side, pillows under her head, ipod in hand, earphones in her ear. Listening to music. Texting, facebooking... I really don't know. Complaining that she should be with her friends on a Friday night. Not home with her parents. But she's here with me, and I'm glad about it.

Blue Eyes is playing golf with Adulterer Tiger on Wii. Well thats what we call Tiger here anyway. Just saying.

I know Jesus loves me. But when He shows me so much of His love in such a short time, in such a real way with family and friends... Well, this girl can't believe how very blessed she is.

Hugs from Maine


Unknown said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Happy Birthday,and enjoy the rest of the blessings. Funny my oldest always calls early to try and be the 1st. This time it was 3 days early.LOL we have a tridition of singing Happy prebirthday about 7 days out and happy post birthday 7 days after. Corny I know. But the race starts early for those no longer here at home. It makes me smile!
Paula in CA for now... :)

Farmgirl Chaos said...

What a wonderful birthday! I had a fabulous one too. Instead of my brother waiting to call me at 6am, he thought it would be fun to call me at 3:25am! When he started one of his runs for dropping off seed corn. Crazy brother!
After ending my birthday weekend with being sick, I hope to recap all the fun activities today.

Lois Christensen said...

Wow! What a great day you had. How did you manage to fit all that in!! Can you come here for my birthday? I need some fun in my life! Just kidding.

Joy said...

Wow, lady, you had the birthday to end all birthdays! You are truly blessed with love from many people!